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To learn the skill of playing a musical instrument it is very important that one has a daily practise routine.

Students are expected to practise at home from Monday to Friday for at least 20 minutes a session. Each student is given a practise schedule which must be signed by a parent or guardian after each session. With regular practise there will be improvement and lots of progress.

What is Practise?

  • Practise is a doing word meaning ‘do something repeatedly to improve a skill’

  • Students should focus on all the tasks set by the guitar tutor and practise them daily

  • With practise there will be improvement and lots of progress

How Often Should Students Practise?

Students should practise at least Monday to Friday with weekend practise sessions being a bonus. Students need to ensure that the correct sitting position and good posture is carried out on each session.

When is a Good Time to Practise?

Some students find time in the morning before leaving for school and some prefer to practise as soon as they get back or just after dinner time, it is whatever suits the student and the parent but what is most important is that the practise sessions are consistent and carried out daily throughout the week.

Where Should Students Practise?

When learning and practising an instrument the student needs some time away from distraction such as TV, siblings, computers etc… a practising musician needs at least 15 minutes of focused practise time alone or with a tutor.

It is also a good idea to keep the guitar out of its case to encourage spontaneous practise (as long as it is kept in a safe place). Students tend to practise more often without being asked.

How Should Students Practise?

Students should always learn and play the set tasks at a slow and steady tempo whilst focusing on the correct notes, fingering and techniques. Each task should be repeated at least 10 times allowing the student to become familiar with what is set. At the end of each practise session students must get their practise schedules signed by an adult.