Guitar In Schools

specialise in providing professional and quality guitar tuition to UK Schools

Guitar in Schools tutor Classical & Plectrum Guitar to children using a specially crafted syllabus that teaches note reading, theory, chords and songs. We aim to inspire children to become outstanding musicians and play guitar with excellence and passion


To provide a high standard of guitar teaching to UK Junior schools and inspire children to play guitar with excellence and passion

To tutor students with the goal to achieve at least Grade 1 & 2 before leaving year 6

To ensure all guitar students perform as a group in special guitar assemblies

To make music lessons affordable in schools and accessible for all children who want to learn the guitar

To take on all guitar related administration away from the school, including invoicing and collecting fees from parents

Prepare, practise and play with passion and understanding!

“Delivers guitar tuition of the highest quality”

Mr I Hopkins – Headteacher
Bierton CofE Combined School

“A very talented musician who I feel very lucky to be taught by”

Gabriel – Year 5

“An inspirational guitar teacher”

Mrs V Britnell – Headteacher
Wingrave CofE Combined School

“Mr Manders is a great teacher and I always look forward to my lessons”

Dylan – Year 5

“We now have over 20 children playing guitarat school which is over 25% of our junior children”

Mrs C South – Headteacher
Long Marston VA CofE Combined School

james manders