Enrolment & Declaration

When completing and submitting the on-line enrolment/declaration form parents have committed to paying for the music lessons provided for the whole academic year (lessons will be taught between the period September and July). As standard we usually tutor 30 music lessons and 3 rehearsal/music assemblies led by the tutor. (refer to invoice). If a student has received the total amount of invoiced sessions before July we do not add on extra lessons and continue tutoring over the remaining weeks of the summer term.


Parents are invoiced in full before the academic year starts. We want to make payments affordable and easy for parents so we offer monthly instalments over 12 months (August – July).

What are the payment options?

Fees can be paid by BACS in full or in monthly instalments. Please see your invoice for the monthly payment amounts.

Unpaid fees

It is the responsibility of the person who enrolled the child for the lessons to pay for the fees. If payments are not made on time the tutor has the right to turn the student away from the lesson. Once fees are paid and up to date the student can resume lessons. The refused lessons will still charged.

Absent from lessons

If a student is absent from school on the day of their scheduled music lesson the lesson is forfeited (this includes; sports events, sickness and personal holidays).

Missed lessons due to school trips, residential trips, exams and SATS will be made up by the tutor at a later date within the academic year between Sept – July). Missed lessons are not carried forward onto the next academic year.

We require at least one weeks notice of any school activities that may affect the music lessons (i.e. school trips, tests, teacher strikes, sports events). If the tutor has not been informed and arrives to teach lessons the students will forfeit the lesson.

We try our best to accommodate school activities and always try to rearrange our music lessons to ensure that students receive their weekly lesson. If the time slots do need to be rearranged the students will be informed from either us, the tutor or the school office.

Unfortunately if the school is evacuated during the music lesson then lesson is forfeited (including drills).

If the school is closed to adverse weather the lesson will unfortunately be lost.

Broken arms, legs or fingers

Students must still attend lessons, it may be difficult or not possible to actually play the instrument but music theory and aural can be taught in the lesson.

Forgetting to attend

It is the responsibility of the student to remember their lesson and arrive in good time. The Tutor is not expected to chase up students and collect them from their classroom. If a student is absent by forgetting to attend the lesson is forfeit.

Forgetting equipment & study material

If a student forgets to take their equipment and study material to school the student must still attend the lesson. There are often spare instruments and equipment to use.

Absent Tutor

If the tutor arrives late, is absent or unable to teach due to sickness or unforeseen circumstance then the lesson will be either covered by a supply teacher, rescheduled or added on to the end of the summer term. The tutor will provide the number of lessons that is stated on the invoice.

Student and parent commitment

Learning a musical instrument requires regular practise and commitment. Practising at home between lessons is the most essential part of progressing when learning an instrument. Parents are expected to encourage home practise and sign practise schedules after each practise session. With regular practise between lessons students will progress and move on to the next step quickly.


If a student wishes to discontinue lessons we require a full terms notice in writing as an email or letter. (text or Facebook messages are not acceptable). After receiving written notice the payments will be re-calculated. If written notice is not received in time the unattended lessons will still be charged. It is important new starters give the music lessons a go for at least 2 terms to really get to grips with the instrument.