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Students will need a guitar, footstool and a music stand to practise with at home.

½ & ¾ size Classical Guitars are best suited to Key Stage 2 students and beginner students. Equipment can be purchased from your local music store costing £90-£115 depending on the make of guitar purchased.

Makes of Guitar

  • Valencia

  • Admira

  • Jose ferrer

  • Yamaha CS40 (3/4 size)

Used or second-hand guitars will need to be re-string before lessons commence.

Guitar Case

It is essential that all students purchase a gig-bag (padded case) for their guitars.

Footstool (footrest)

All students will need a foot stool to obtain the correct sitting position taught.

Music Stand

Guitar students require a music stand to keep at home for practising. The sheet music must be up right in front of the student when practising.


Beginner guitarists start on Frets & Fingers (available only through Guitar in Schools).

Following Frets & Fingers are The Guitarist’s Way books 1 & 2.

Trinity College London Grade 1 is then introduced at pg8 of The Guitarist’s Way book 2.

Plectrums/Picks and Capos (optional)

When students are learning and playing chords it is a good idea to have some plectrums (picks) to hand for strumming. A Capo is fun to use for changing the key of the song/chord progression.