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  • Year 2 Students: ½ Size Classical Guitar
  • Year 3 Students: ½ Size Classical Guitar
  • Year 4 – 5 Students: ¾ size Classical Guitars
  • Year 6+ students: 4/4 size Classical Guitar

It is very important to have the correct size guitar. An instrument is not like an item of clothing that you can grow into (as some music shops state!)

If you are unsure which size then please contact us for some help 👍

Makes of Guitar

  • Deluxe Junior 1/2 Classical Guitar, by Gear4Music

  • Valencia 1/2 Size Classical Guitar VC102NA

  • Jose ferrer 1/2 Size Beginner Classical 5209C Estudiante

  • Valencia 3/4 Size Classical Guitar VC203NA

  • Yamaha CS40 (3/4 size)

Used and second-hand guitars will need to be re-strung before lessons commence.

Please contact us direct for this service

please avoid cheap instruments (under £50), they are often hard to play, highly strung and have an awful tone. Very uninspiring and frustrating for beginner students

Guitar Case

It is essential that all students purchase a gig-bag (padded case) for their guitars.

New guitars often include a thin dust cover type of case, these are not adequate for transporting and storing at school.

  • 1/2 Size Padded Classical Guitar Gig Bag by Gear4music (£15)
  • 3/4 Size Padded Classical Guitar Gig Bag by Gear4music (£15)

Footstool (footrest)

All students will need a foot stool to obtain the correct traditional sitting position that we teach.

Music Stand (for home use only)

Guitar students will require a music stand to use at home when practising.

The sheet music must be up right in front of the student at all times when practising.


Beginner guitarists start on Frets & Fingers (available only through Guitar in Schools).

Following Frets & Fingers are The Guitarist’s Way books 1 & 2.

Trinity College London Grade 1 is then introduced at pg8 of The Guitarist’s Way book 2.